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Battle Royale

International Battle Royal Round III – Q vs Skinner

Ding ding ding!

Today Q is bringing out the big guns with her English crab cakes. Q’s crab cakes are grilled to perfection and served on a bed of lettuce and tomato on a kaiser roll with a side of Deli chips.

Bri Bri is swinging back with his tikka masala chicken salad sandwich.  Served with slices of tomato on a French baguette, this chicken salad mix includes grapes and apples for the sweet and the tikka masala for the spice.

Both specials are $7.50 today, so make sure to come cast your vote for the winner!  First to 20 wins!

Soups today are Chicken Noodle, Lobster Bisque, and Chili as always for the usual contenders.  Tomato Basil is making its Friday special guest appearance, along with Garden Veggie and Bacon Cheeseburger Chowder!

Don’t forget, today is free cookie Friday!

Ding Ding, International Battle Royal Time!

The Champ Deb’s The Roman Hoagie: Italian Sausage on a hoagie topped with grilled onions and green peppers, Smoked Provolone Cheese and our house Marinara sauce served with Deli Chips.

The Challenger Q’s Caribbean Po’ Boy: Deep fried, battered shrimp topped with a Creamy Caribbean Jerk Slaw(red and white cabbage mixed with carrots and pineapples with a spicy Caribbean Jerk Sauce) and tomatoes on a baguette and served with Deli Chips.

Both are $7.50, first one to sell 20 sandwiches wins! Help us decide who it will be!!


Our soups are the Tomato Basil, Cheesy Potato Bacon, Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Noodle ,Lobster Bisque and of course Chili for a day like today.

Enjoy the Day.

International Battle Royal Round I – Deb vs Keith

After showing her skills by winning the National Championship Belt, Deb is going international! This week she is taking on Keith’s Macho Nacho Burger with her own Greek Goddess Gyro.

Macho Nacho Keith just couldn’t step up to the Greek Goddess and Deb is moving on!

Battle Royal Round XV – National Belt Championship – Tascha vs Deb

Tascha was moving away soon and she had just one more opponent to beat if she wanted to stay the champ:  Deb the Office Manager.  Deb has been waiting for over a year for her chance to strike and she was ready to rumble.

She proved it too by besting Tascha and taking home the National Championship Belt.

Battle Royal Round XIV – Tascha vs Schiro

First-time contender Mr. Schiro tried to top Tascha but unfortunately his Brioche Beef sandwich had no chance.

Battle Royal Round XIII – Tascha vs Shorty G

Wanting his throne and his title back, Shorty G tried to take on Tascha with his Buffalo Chicken Philly.

No luck for Shorty G this time; the belt was as good as Tascha’s.


Battle Royal Round XII – Tascha vs Josh

Thirsty to get back in the ring, Josh stepped back up and tried to take her on with a Breaded Chicken and Bacon Wrap.

As you can see, Tascha was not worried at all and moved on with no problems.

Battle Royal Round XI – Alex vs Tascha

Returning back to action is Tascha with her BBQ Grilled Chicken wrap versus our Sous Chef Alex with her Bacon Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich.

Tascha took no prisoners and moved on to the next round.


Battle Royal Round X – Shorty G vs Josh Part II

Shorty G switched things up a bit and went for a breakfast burger, but Josh was ready for him with a grilled cheese burger.

Looks like the break didn’t do Shorty any good and Josh wells was crowned the winner.

Josh retired while he was on top, and two new contenders entered the ring.

Battle Royal Round IX – Josh vs Jon

To give Shorty G a break from pitching no-hitters, we went for the redemption round.  We put Josh and Jon against each other to decide who got to take on Shorty in the next round.  Josh went for a Savory Chicken Wrap while Jon tried a Grilled Pizza & Cheese Sandwich.

Josh earned his redemption and got to challenge Shorty G the next week.