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Battle Royale

Battle Royal Round VIII – Shorty G vs Josh

The very next week, Josh tried to take on Shorty G with a 1/2 pound burger with Swiss and pepper jack cheeses and 1000 Island dressing with a side of Tomato Basil soup.  Nice try, but Shorty G had the Oktoberfest chili cheese dogs on deck.


Shorty G got the threepeat and put Josh in the corner for timeout.

Battle Royal Round VII – Shorty G vs Christin

Christin was the first of many to challenge Shorty G.  Christin tried to hit him with a Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich, but Shorty G countered with his South-of-the-Border Fish Tacos.


As you can see, Christin was sorry she ever messed with Shorty G.

Battle Royal Round VI – Aaron vs Shorty G

Next into the ring is Shorty G who, as you can see, is not intimidated by Aaron.  Shorty G brought out the big guns with a Bacon Glorious Gouda Burger.  The 1/2 burger with gouda cheese, bacon, and creamy BBQ sauce was too much for the Colossal to handle.

Battle Royal Round V – Aaron vs Keith

Hoping to knock out the Colossal and run away with the belt, Keith came up with a Hawaiian ham sandwich with provolone and cheddar cheeses and grilled pineapple on a ciabatta roll served with a side of sweet and sour chutney.

Keith had a delicious sandwich, but it was no match for the Colossal.

Battle Royal Round IV – Emily vs Aaron

Next up was Aaron with The Colossal.  Aaron’s sandwich consisted of grilled ham and turkey on a pretzel roll topped with cheddar and havarti cheeses with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

The Colossal dethroned the champ and moved Aaron into the next round.


Battle Royal Round III – Emily vs Alex

The next round saw returning champ Emily go up against Sous Chef Alex’s mashed potatoes with baked beans and cheddar cheese.  Too bad for Alex that Emily came out swinging and moved on to the next round.

Battle Royal Round II – Emily vs Jon

Our first challenger to Emily’s Grilled Cheese was our cook Jon’s Ms. Lucy burger with steak fries.  Unfortunately Ms. Lucy just couldn’t stand up to Emily.