Good afternoon Deli friends,

The Civil War has come to end and now that the smoke has settled, Jungle Joey stands alone as the victor.  It was a heated battle, neck-and-neck to the end when a surprise visitor had the deciding vote.  Joey’s husband made a surprise visit to The Deli today and purchased the last special, clenching Joey the win and sealing forever in Sammy’s mind that Joey had done the same thing during the prior Battle Royale for Stephen.

Once Sammy had realized what happened, she confronted Joey and Stephen and caused a scene that forced our Deli supervisor, Shorty to intervene.  Unfortunately for Stephen and Joey, Shorty took Sammy’s side.  After a heated discussion about betrayal and the meaning of friendship, Jungle Joey and Stephen went their separate ways from Slammin’ Sammy and Shorty.

What will this spell out for the former teammates and the future of The Deli?  Tune in next time to find out!