We’ve got another throwback Thursday!  The top photo was taken on May 29, 2006 and the bottom photo was taken on August 10, 2017.  As you can see, so much has changed!

The most obvious change is that the wall is now red.  There is no longer a banner painted above the elevator.  The wine cabinets have been replaced with a newsstand and our Lipton cooler.  The tile flooring has been replaced as of November 2015.  Our butler has found other employment and has been replaced by Dezarae diligently decorating our soup board.  A slightly more subtle change is the doorway leading into our Warehouse banquet room – our golden doors aren’t yet installed in the top photo.

The plants have been replaced by some wonderful sunflowers provided by @sherwoodflorist, and we’ve moved our antique stove into the lobby.  Much of the lighting remains the same (although we’ve seem to have misplaced the rockin’ Miller Genuine Draft guitar neon).  We’ve added a few TVs, including two that now display our menu.

Lots has changed in the last eleven years and we hope to keep growing and improving every single day!

We would love to see if you have any or can find any photos of our building, inside or out, from any time period.  If you ever visited the Webster Street Market, rocked out at Seven Timbers Live, attended one of the first events at Top of the Market (when it was literally on top of the Webster Street Market), or even knew The Deli when it still had the glass display case – let us know!  Send photos to info@thedeli-dayton.com with any information that you can (date the photo was taken, who took the photo, website or resource where you found the photo, etc).  Anyone that sends us a photo that we use will receive a $20 gift card for The Deli!