Good morning Dayton,

For the special today we have Florentine Tacos. Two of our eight inch flour tortillas stuffed with our spring mix, sliced Deli Focaccia Chicken, Florentine Sauce (our spinach, roasted garlic and sun-dried tomato cream sauce) and our Deluxe Cheese blend served with a side of Italian season fries for $9.50.

This week’s feature is the Atomic Shorty. Our Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs on a sub bun topped with Three Chile Pepper Gouda, bacon and our Deli Atomic Pepper Relish served with a side of Cajun Fiesta Tots, $9.50.

Our soups today are the Tomato Tortellini, Roasted Red Pepper Gouda, Baked Potato with Sour Cream and Bacon along with our personal favorites of Chicken Noodle, Lobster Bisque and Chili.

Have a great day Dayton!