Good morning Dayton!

We have the venue, the DJ, and the photobooth now – only one more thing to go:  the florist!  We only had one place to check out:  Sherwood Florist!

Jessie and Bev showed the couple all sorts of different arrangements for bouquets, centerpieces and decorations.  It was love at first sight for Ms Emily’s Grilled Cheese, plus Jessie and Bev were so helpful she knew that their special day would go off without a hitch!

To celebrate the marriage of Mr. Railman and Ms. Emily’s Grilled Cheese, the special all week will be your choice of either our Railman or our Emily’s Grilled Cheese sandwich, with a fryer lottery on the side, a fountain drink, and a cookie for $10.99!

Soups today are Braised Beef Vegetable, Boston Clam Chowder, and Friday Favorite Tomato Basil as well as Chili, Chicken Noodle, and Lobster Bisque!

Tomorrow is the big day –  Mr. Railman and Ms. Emily’s Grilled Cheese get married!

Have a great day Dayton!

Don’t forget – today is Free Cookie Friday!