Good morning Dayton!

Today is the day!  After spending the week doing some extensive planning and thanks to help from Party Pleasers, Liftoff Entertainment, and Sherwood Florist, Mr. Railman and Ms. Emily’s Grilled Cheese are ready to tie the knot!

It was a beautiful ceremony as the couple was surrounded by their closest family and friends.  Mr. Railman’s longtime friend and best man, Mr. Triple Decker gave a moving speech that brought many to tears.  They danced, they drank, they had a blast!  The couple thanked the staff at Top of the Market at the end of the night and they were headed off to their honeymoon!

We are certain we will see them again soon (probably around July 25th if we had to guess).  We know that Mr. Railman has an announcement that he would like to share with everyone, but the time isn’t right quite yet – guess we will have to wait until the summer!

To celebrate the marriage of Mr. Railman and Ms. Emily’s Grilled Cheese, the special all week will be your choice of either our Railman or our Emily’s Grilled Cheese sandwich, with a fryer lottery on the side, a fountain drink, and a cookie for $10.99!

Soups today are Shorty’s Honey Cinnamon Flamethrower Chili, Cream of Mushroom, and Italian Wedding as well as our traditional Chili, Chicken Noodle, and Lobster Bisque!

Have a great day Dayton!