The third chapter of “The Railman Throughout Dayton History” details the history of the traffic ticket. In 1904 in Dayton, Mr. Harry Myers was given the first traffic ticket on our very own West Third Street. Mr. Myers was speeding at a whopping 12 miles per hour. When questioned why he was going so fast, Myers told the officer that his lunch break is almost over and that he needed to get a Railman ASAP!

Understanding the severity of the situation, the officer improvised and rather than taking him to the courthouse immediately, scribbled on a piece of paper the violation and let the man continue on to get his Railman. Myers promised to bring the ticket to the courthouse the next day to pay his fine.

“The Railman Throughout Dayton History” also included a replica of the first traffic that we have scanned in to show you here!

In honor of the Railman and its role in innovating the traffic ticket that we all know and love today, we are serving the Railman with French fries and a fountain drink for $9.99 today!

Soups today will be Garden Veggie, French Onion, and Chicken & Dumpling along with Chili, Chicken Noodle, and Lobster Bisque.

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