Good morning Dayton,

To help our friend Ron celebrate his award winning Flaming Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, we have the Flaming Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich. Chicken tenders tossed in Ron’s Flaming Ghost Pepper sauce on a kaiser with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle chips, bacon and Pepper Jack Cheese served with a side of fries for the red hot price of $9.00.

Our weekly is a half pound, grilled hamburger on a split top pretzel bun with bacon, Muenster Cheese, roasted garlic & Deli grown purple basil Aioli, red crunch butter lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickle chips with a side of fries for $9.25.

Our soups are the Chicken and Dumpling, Broccoli Cheese, Italian Wedding along with our famous trio of Chicken Noodle, Lobster Bisque and Chili.

Have a great day Dayton!