Good morning Washington!

For Thanksgiving, our good friend Alan went back to Washington to visit his family at the meatball orchard.  While he was there, he plucked dozens and dozens of fresh meatballs from his family’s meatball trees to bring back to us here in Dayton.  After the family festivities were over, he put the meatballs in his refrigerated backpack (we are all about food safety, of course), and began his hike back to Dayton.

As he hiked back to Dayton, he planted meatball tree seeds all across our great country.  So when you look out the window as you’re driving down I-70 on a roadtrip, and you see a meatball tree, you’ll know that Alan was there!

In honor of Alan’s journey and his family’s famous meatball orchard, we have Alan O’s Famous Meatball Sub!  Meatballs covered in marinara and blasted with our super cheese blend on a turano, with a side of cheesy tater tots for $8.75!

Soups today are Chicken Dumpling, Italian Wedding, and Baja Chicken Enchilada as well as Chili, Chicken Noodle, and Lobster Bisque!

Don’t forget – tomorrow is the first day of Deli Christmas!  We are celebrating the #NationalGivingDay!  Bring in any canned good tomorrow and receive a free cookie and fountain drink.  The Deli will match all donations and donate them to St Joseph at The Glen and St Vincent de Paul!

Have a great day Washington!