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The Blanket Program News

Hot Rod Santa is Back!

Hot Rod Santa is riding back into town thanks to a very generous donation by the Staples on Wilmington Pike!

We appreciate all of your support for our Blanket Program and a big thank you to all of our sponsors from the last Blanket Party. we are ready to hang these up at The Deli and if you would like to be on our wall of fame, please consider donating even a dollar to our program.

For more information, please visit thedeli-dayton.com/the-blanket-program.


First Blanket Party was a Success!

Good afternoon everyone!  We would like to take a second to give some more shoutouts from Tuesday’s Blanket Party.

Thank you to Union Savings Bank and Wright-Patt Credit Union for your donations and for bringing your teams to help make blankets!

Thank you to Jay from Liftoff Entertainment and Corey from Party Pleasers for providing entertainment for the night!

Thank you to DaytonBaton (@daytonbaton) for letting us have the account for the day – we had several people show up from seeing it on Instagram!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the raffle!

And of course thank you to everyone who showed up to make blankets!  We are grateful and those that will receive the blankets will most certainly appreciate it!

We hope to see everyone at our December 16th blanket party!  In the mean time, check out some pictures from last night’s event!

The Blanket Party

Photos from Liftoff Entertainment